There is a way to make all items weigh 0. But this mod is not available in nexus. I’ve found a way to mod items and make them weight 0. items will be added to your inventory but you won’t take any weight. first of all you need to find an object in the game that has 0 weight (for example, a rag). You need to edit it so it’s a non-playable item by clicking on it and hitting ‘edit’.

You will see an ‘Effect’ tab at the top of the page. Click on the green cross in the top left corner of the box. This will make the item not playable. Now you need to go to the item in the item ID list. For example the rag that I used is item id nif_000fc3d1. Copy the first 3 digits, which is 000fc and make a new item using the item editor.

Go to the ‘effect’ tab and scroll down to the ‘base effect’ box. Once again you will see a green cross in the top right corner of the box. This will allow you to edit the base effect of the item. Scroll down to base effect level 2. Scroll up to the ‘base effect’ box and paste the digits that you just copied. Click the green cross in the top right corner to edit the base effect. Now you should see two green arrows next to