NPC Disciplines new Boss The Creation of Blood Brothers , this update has a new boss, “the creation of blood brothers” . This boss is the *** of war of the eighteenth dynasty, the two generals Wu Feng and Wu Chi. They are both cold blood and cruel, the two generals can not control anyone who is their own masters. So the two of them decided to join the blood oath, a blood oath to tears blood and blood, to create blood brothers.

The Blood Brothers are the main part of the new boss battle in The Creation of Blood Brothers and what makes them unique is that you have to fight with two bosses at the same time, while almost all of the other dungeon bosses in the game are fighting alone. The Blood Brothers are two demons, who are brothers, hence the name. They are summoned by the Fallen Priest in the boss room and their goal is to kill all intruders of the Blood Brothers’ home.