He was not a great writer, that’s for sure, but he was a great thinker. To me, his biggest contribution to the future of mankind is his vision of no government, no ownership, and no controlling authority. It’s now 2017 and we see the failure of government on all levels, from the supreme government of the United States to the local government of your city, to the governments of other countries, to the government of the whole world.

Few people now believe in the goodness of their government, because most governments lie to their people, steal from their people, fund terrorists and wreak havoc in their people’s lives.

Even the government of the United States, the greatest government of all, is now seen by most people as the biggest threat to their lives, because the US government has been sinking trillions of dollars into illegal wars, waste and corruptions, and the US government has been spending trillions of dollars to manipulate the world, create enemies and police the world, and the United States government has been using their intelligence agencies like CIA to illegally spy on their own citizens for decades.

Anarchist Heaven is very close to reality.