The following are the rules of the setting for the mod:

–  You are to use your own creativity and common sense. Please don’t break the Lore of Star Wars and the lore of the game.  Be creative, but be respectful to others.

–  Stay consistent with the lore. If it’s not in the lore, it doesn’t exist in the mod, unless given an exception.

–  No overpowered classes, skills or perks.

–  No role-playing a character that’s above your level.

–  You’re only allowed to have one character in the mod.  Any exceptions must be approved by a lead developer.

–  Don’t be a powergamer. If you’re abusing exploits or picking perks/skills that don’t fit your character background, then you will be banned. –  Don’t kill/steal/lie to others without their permission.

–  Don’t act like a jerk.

–  Anything else that’s not covered here is up to the discretion of the lead developers.

–  Have fun!