Weapons Arsenal 2.0 is a software application for MS Windows. It is developed by Barracuda Networks. WAP stands for Windows Anti-Piracy and it can find out if a computer has been cracked and is running illegal, ‘pirated’ or stolen software. It uses a special kernel-mode driver to detect a wide range of features that are unique to the Intel x86 family of processors. The main purpose of this software is to protect software providers, anti-piracy vendors and copyright holders from software piracy.

Weapons Arsenal 2.0 brings several new weapons and plenty of firepower improvements. It also includes my own custom scripts and other improvements that made Fallout 2 much more enjoyable. It is possible to see a lot of little details such as “Diana” Shotgun, a completely new and unique weapon. This is one of the best improvements from Weapons Arsenal 2.0. A new “Grenade Launcher” has been added to replace the previous Grenade Rifle.

I always loved the Grenade Rifle but I hate its firing system. Weapons Arsenal 2.0 has a new highly realistic grenade detonation system. Weapons Arsenal 2.0 also introduces new and unique ammunition such as the “Armor Piercing Incendiary” ammo.