A Sabbat pack is a group of 3-5 vampires who are bound together by a pack leader. The leader is often a very charismatic individual with a strong personal physical presence. While the pack is under the control of their leader, the Sabbat pack acts as a unit and follows the pack leaders orders. Sabbat Packs that have begun to lose their leader or whose old leader is no longer present, are known to quickly break up. Sabbat Packs are usually territorial in nature and are more mobile than Anarch Freeholds.

Sabbat packs often have a small group of ghouls and other freelancers that usually stick together. Sabbat Packs almost always have a Sabbat meeting place where they gather. Sabbat Packs are often referred to by Sabbat members as “the pack” and they are seemingly the most common form of Sabbat organization, however some packs can seem to have a name, or may have one implied.

Sabbat Packs often form around a charismatic leader and tend to form in places where numerous Sabbat have been drawn together into one area. Sabbat Packs are often found in rural areas, small cities, and on the outskirts of larger cities.