Albrecht III fon Mansfeld Old Clan Tzimisce. He is one of the most ancient among the Tzimisce lords, and has the most experience among them. He is the most feared of all Tzimisce lords and commands them to a deadly point of obedience. He is a powerful and influential vampire. The gothic horror version of Vlad the Impaler, he upholds honor and fights for his people. He could be a great ally to have, or a terrifying foe.

If you’re looking for the most famous Masquerade breaches in recent history, the Albrecht III fon Mansfeld will definitely top the list. A prince of the German Tzimisce clan, this Nosferatu used his position to assault the Masquerade in several countries.  He was caught in the act in America, and was subsequently destroyed by a contingent of Kindred from a number of clans.  The Nosferatu Prince at the time, Boris Todolov, was called upon as a witness for the prosecution, and Prince Albrecht became a figure of infamy in Kindred society.