If you are in the market for a new mattress, it is likely that you have heard of “Sleeping on a cloud.” The superlative qualities of a cloud are mysterious and wonderful. How can a mattress that is soft be firmer? This is something you might have wondered when your mother told you to sleep on a bed of clouds as a child.

The truth is that it is a bit of a marketing gimmick. The mattress industry understands that the average consumer wants to buy a mattress that feels like it is made of clouds. They have come up with a solution to this problem by adding a layer of memory foam to the mattress. The memory foam has a tendency to curl around the body of whoever is sleeping on it. This can provide a cloud-like sensation.

It is not a cloud, but it can feel like it. The memory foam layer is removable in some mattresses. This allows the consumer to alter the mattress until it is something that works for them.